Gumtree Greys Adoption Enquiry

Please use this form for your initial enquiry, providing us with basic information on your situation / living environment. We will review the information, discuss it with you and then arrange a home check which will include a more detailed questionnaire to be completed in conjunction with you and the person conducting the home check.

Checklist of Criteria

If you meet the following requirements on our checklist, please complete the form:

  • Secure, fenced property (minimum height is “hip” height)
  • No children under six
  • If you rent, we require evidence of landlord approval
  • Greyhounds can not be expected to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet.
  • The dog must be allowed to sleep inside at night
  • Greyhounds do need company and most are not suited to homes where they are left home alone without a human or another dog for company for more than 4 hours. 

If you do not meet all the criteria on the checklist, please make an application and we will review on merit.


Adoption Enquiry

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