Every year over 17,000 greyhounds are killed in Australia when they are no longer wanted by their greyhound racing industry owners, syndicates and/or trainers.

Why Gumtree Greys?

Named after the online classified site, Gumtree Greys rescues and rehomes greyhounds from a variety of sources across eastern Australia, with a primary focus on Gumtree online classifieds, regional pounds and directly from trainers.

The majority of greyhounds in Australia are destroyed once they finish racing. Additionally, many more are killed at a young age because they don’t ‘make the grade’ in competitive racing, or are born with conditions that will prevent them from racing at all. Large numbers of greyhound puppies are killed before they even reach a year old.

Unregulated overbreeding of greyhounds is a significant issue in Australia and accounts for large numbers of greyhounds being killed unnecessarily. Many pure breeds of dog are subjected to being used as ‘puppy farms’ to meet demand. As greyhounds are bred purely for racing purposes, the number of greyhounds used as ‘puppy farm’ style breeders far exceeds those of any other dog breed in Australia.

In addition to our rescue and rehoming work, Gumtree Greys also focuses on education and awareness of the tragic plight of these beautiful, gentle dogs and aims to change the public misperception of greyhounds in the community.

Gumtree Online Advertising – “Greyhound Free to a Good Home”??

Gumtree has become known as a source for hunters wanting to obtain dogs for hunting wild pigs and rabbits, and may also be a source used to collect greyhounds as “bait dogs” for dog fighting rings. Additionally, hunters like to acquire greyhounds for cross-breeding with larger dogs, such as bull mastiffs, with the view to obtaining puppies they believe will develop into a size and speed required for their end goal. Unfortunately, female greyhounds are just not built to give birth to such large pups. This forced cross-breeding frequently results in severe physical injury or even death to the greyhound mother during the birthing process. As a result of these practices, we try to focus on the online advertisements and, wherever possible, rescue those greyhounds so that they can be adopted into safe, loving ‘furever’ homes. We encourage greyhound owners to contact us directly rather than advertising their dogs on Gumtree.

Where are we Based?

OK, so we pay the bills from Brisbane, but we operate along the whole Eastern Seaboard of Australia and into the regional areas of Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria.

Making a Difference

Gumtree Greys is run by volunteers who are dedicated to the cause of rescuing and rehoming greyhounds. We rehome as many dogs as possible within our limited financial and human resources capacity. Due to the very nature of our rescue locations being over a large geographical area and predominantly regional, the costs incurred for transport and temporary kennelling have a severe financial impact. We rely significantly on the generosity of donations to continue our valuable work in rescuing and rehoming unwanted and/or retired racing greyhounds. The welfare of the dogs is our primary focus at all times, and accordingly we do whatever it takes to transport and care for our rescue dogs in the most appropriate way to ensure their safe transition to a new life.

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