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Important COVID-19 Information

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic our foster dogs will not have had our usual amount of socialisation with other dogs, busy environments or cafes, pubs etc. Whilst we will socialise the most we can, we cannot advise how the greyhound will react to all dogs, and situations we cannot socialise them in. Adopting a dog during this time, means you will need to socialise them yourselves when social distancing restrictions are relaxed and that will include training and wearing a muzzle until you are sure of the dogs reactions in new situations..

Our dogs come desexed, fully vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped. If any of our dogs interest you, please complete the Adoption Enquiry Form and we will be in contact with you. If you have any questions, please feel free to phone us.
Victoria: 03 9088 7570
Queensland 0491 620 683

What is the cost of adopting a greyhound?

Your home will require an initial “dog safe” Homecheck by Gumtree Greys. Payment of $350 for the placement is required at the time of the dog going into your home for the two week trial period. If you decide during the trial not to proceed with adopting the greyhound, your adoption fee will be reimbursed.

Outside of the trial period, the adoption fee will be relinquished to Gumtree Greys.

In foster care

Due to the high demand, most of our recently rescued greyhounds have already started adoption trials. In the past few weeks we have brought in about 30 new rescue hounds into foster care and they will have online profiles listed when they are ready to meet their prospective families.

You can still apply to adopt a greyhound and be considered for one of our gorgeous hounds currently in foster care who will become available in the coming weeks.

Have you considered fostering? We're always looking for new foster parents. Fostering enables us to rescue dogs from their current situations.

Rescue greyhound
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