Fact Sheet 3: Feeding Your Greyhound

February 26, 2017
Greyhounds tend to do best on complete diets.  Some find high protein diets too rich and some diets can make some dogs ‘hyper’.  Equally, we are finding more and more, products consisting of a high grain content can be responsible for weight loss/inability to gain […]

Fact Sheet 2: Your First Night

February 26, 2017
Dogs will respect you more if they do not share your bedroom with you. It will also help them learn that there are times when you cannot be with them and they must settle on their own. But do expect that you will have an […]

Fact Sheet 1: Bringing Your New Rescue Greyhound Home

February 26, 2017
Your newly adopted greyhound may never have lived in a house before. Everything will be new and strange. Imagine you have just landed from the moon and seen televisions, vacuum cleaners, glass doors and mirrors for the first time. Naturally it will take your dog some […]

What To Feed Your Adopted Greyhound – And What NOT To Feed Your Adopted Greyhound

February 25, 2017
At Gumtree Greys, we are all too aware that our beautiful rescued greyhounds generally have had a dreadful start to their lives. All we want for them is to be adopted into loving homes where they can receive all the security, love and care they […]