What We Do

Gumtree Greys rescues and rehome greyhounds, predominantly from the racing industry on the East coast of Australia.

We have a network of dedicated foster carers who open their homes and hearts to these beautiful dogs. Foster carers teach greyhounds how to be pets — after years of living in small enclosures, they need to learn how to live as a family dog. Skills they need to acquire include learning to climb stairs, riding in cars and how to behave when meeting other breeds of dogs while out walking.

Gumtree Greys covers all the vet costs for these dogs while they’re in foster care. The majority of dogs that come to us are neither de-sexed nor immunised, and they often have pre-existing injuries and/or bad teeth. These issues are tended to by a network of veterinary practices that kindly offer us reduced fees. However, even with reduced fees, our vet bills are significant and make up most of our annual expenditure. Other expenses include dog transport, temporary kennelling, medications, equipment and rehabilitation training.

We do organise fundraising activities to help cover our costs, but funds raised are not enough, and our time for fundraising is limited because we concentrate on rescuing and rehoming dogs.


How Can You Help?

We like to hear from volunteers with a variety of skills, including administration, photography, videography, graphic design, web design and IT skills. Other important volunteer jobs are transporting dogs, and attending our markets stalls and other events to educate the public on greyhounds and greyhound ownership.
Foster Care
We’re always on the lookout for suitable foster carers. Without foster carers, we can’t rescue greyhounds. If you’re interested in exploring this crucial role, ask us for information.
Workplace Foster Care Program
Studies and polls agree that a pet-friendly workplace can decrease stress, improve morale and productivity, reduce absenteeism and increase staff retention rates. In conjunction with PetRescue, Gumtree Greys will help pair your workplace with a suitable greyhound. By welcoming a greyhound into your workplace, you won’t just be helping that one greyhound — you’ll be raising awareness of fostering for all greys in need and freeing up space for us to save even more lives. Ask us for more information on this wonderful program.
Perhaps you’re thinking about adopting a dog? Talk to us about what fantastic pets greyhounds make. At Gumtree Greys we take the time to rehabilitate greyhounds in private homes. We don’t believe in taking dogs straight from a kennel environment and placing them with adoptive families before they’ve had a chance to experience life as a pet and to learn what’s expected. We also take the time to understand more about your home, your lifestyle and any other pets you may have. The process undertaken by Gumtree Greys in introducing a greyhound into a home is careful and considered, making for a much easier transition all round.

Financial Assistance

As we are registered charity, donations are tax deductable. There are a variety of ways supporters can help us cover the costs involved in helping these beautiful dogs.
Direct donations
Direct donations can be one-off or recurring and can be made via our PayPal Account, which is accessible via our website’s donations page. PayPal will automatically issue you with a tax receipt.

Alternatively, donations can be made directly to our Heritage Bank Account:

Account Name: Gumtree Greys
BSB: 638-060
Account No.: 13434772

To request a tax receipt, please email: accounts@gumtreegreys.com.au
Workplace Giving
Workplace Giving enables employees to make a pre-tax donation to a registered charity direct from their pay. Using a Workplace Giving Platform, such as Good2Give, enables employees to give regular or one-off pre-tax donations directly to Gumtree Greys in a secure way, which minimises the cost to you by reducing your tax. Additionally, companies can amplify their Workplace Giving Program by fully (or partly) matching their employees’ donations, which means Gumtree Greys will receive more funding. Gumtree Greys are registered with Good2Give www.good2give.ngo
A bequest to Gumtree Greys is your way of making a real difference to greyhounds in need. Your bequest will help us rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds that come into our care. It will also assist us in continuing to educate the public on the true nature of the breed and the plight faced by thousands of greyhounds in Australia. A gift in your will (called a bequest) is a great way to support Gumtree Greys and help save lives. Bequests enable us to plan for the future, and achieve more. A bequest ensures that Gumtree Greys can, in the future, continue to save and rehome greyhounds in need. There are two ways you can include us in your will: Residual bequests — A percentage of your estate (maintains its relative value over time). Pecuniary bequests — A specific amount of money. Gumtree Greys recommends you consult with your solicitor in writing your will to ensure that your intentions are clearly stated.