Emmy Lou is an elegant senior lady with her glossy black coat and white feet. She has a delicate face with some distinguishing white highlights. Her soulful eyes charm all she meets.

Emmy Lou is warm and affectionate and she will always let you know her emotions with a sweet whimper or a delighted delighted yelp. 

Good on lead with a harness EL enjoys many sniffs and is very inquisitive. Emmy Louis not very interested in other dogs on her walks unless they are a greyhound. Totally understandable.
Two daily walks is ideal. EL is getting used to a new busier neighbourhood in foster care but would  prefer a quieter area rather than the inner city. 

Happily living with a male greyhound in her foster home she is easy going and respectful. EL would be OK as an only dog so long as her humans are home a lot or she can go with them on their adventures.

Emmy Lou loves the car and can do stairs so is up to any adventure. 

EL will talk to you to let you know when its time for tummy rubs or to find our where you are in the house. She is always excited to welcome you home with yelps of joy and some energetic dancing. 

Emmy Lou loves to play with squeaky toys and enjoys enrichment puzzles. She has been known to nap cuddling a soft toy. 

EL sleeps on her own bed in the living room. She is also a real foodie. She loves it all and is a pleasure to feed. Her favourite snack it peanut butter on toast. 

Emmy Lou had been adopted a couple of years ago but her adoptive mum has encountered some serious health issues and has had to make the heartbreaking decision to find Emmy Lou a new home. Mum can no longer provide her with all she deserves.
Our gorgeous Emmy Lou would brighten up any home that can give her the time and company she craves. She would be ideal for a home where the humans aren’t out of the house too long and she has access to some outdoor space for a pee. The lucky home would also have to be prepared for some serious affection and devotion from a certain young lady

No cats or small dogs
No children under six
No full time workers unless working from home so the dog is not home alone for more than 4 hours on a regular basis. Happy consider full time workers if there is another dog.

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10 years



Microchip number

956 000 003 266 433

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