Frank the rescue greyhound

Frank is described by his foster carer as your typical “chill greyhound” he
enjoys a long walk if it is on offer, and a bit of a party when something exciting
happens like his humans wake up or come home, but otherwise, he is happy to
spend the day snoozing. With the company of another hound, he is fine to
spend a whole work day just catching those z’s, and you’ll find the house just
as you left it upon your return (and likely, Frank too!).

A smart boy with excellent manners, Frank knows to sit on his mat while you
are preparing meals, and has almost mastered waiting before crossing the
road, he is also building his confidence in socialising with other dogs while on
lead, and is learning the art of polite hellos as opposed to slightly awkward
staring; he would love a home that will continue to work with him using
positive reinforcement (and lots of yummy treats, of course) because learning
new things are lots of fun!

The ultimate couch potato, Frank is known to become engrossed in watching
the lV, and you may find yourself distracted by watching his reactions as he
follows along. He hopes that his forever home enjoys movie nights and that he
will be invited up for a snuggle in a comfy spot.
Although very friendly with children, Frank is a big boy who can hop and jump
around when he’s excited, so he should be supervised if interacting with small
kids or elderly/frail family members – sometimes he just can’t contain all the
loving that he has to give.
Frank may be (mostly) white, but he actually identifies as a shadow. Once you
are home for the day, he is keen to be involved in your activities and will
follow you about the house to ensure you don’t get lonely. He thinks it’s best if
there are nice comfy spots in each room that you might be in, so that he can
observe the goings on from a bed or a blanket.
If you’re in the market for a big booty boy who is sure to capture hearts
wherever he goes, then look no further than the delightful Frank!

No cats or small dogs

No full time workers unless some working from home or there is another dog

No children under six

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3 years



Microchip number

956 000 012 968 394

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