Ruby has a great sense of fun. Her face beams with joy and friendliness when she can spend the day with you and out and about making new friends. 

For no fault of her own, Ruby have come back to us as her original family have some struggles to contend with and they want what’s best for Ruby. Ruby is living her best life in fostercare with a loving foster Mum and a greyhound foster brother. She has adapted well to living in an apartment and become a master at stairs and riding the elevator. 

Ruby, being a lady of a certain age will nap the day away but she does become as spritely as a pup when she hears you at the front door coming home or the keys being collected ready for a walk. Also, in a flash, she will appear out of nowhere when she hears the fridge door open. Always hopeful it’s her dinner time but also very curious about what the human is having for dinner too. Maybe you would like to share ?

Ruby, living in an apartment, gets frequent short walks which is fine for her. Walks are about the things to sniff and the people and hounds to meet. You won’t break out much of a sweat keeping up with Ruby. She also loves her car rides and would love to go on any adventure with you.

Ruby loves to play with her toys and have some zoomies around the apartment. She likes to be in the same room as you much of the time, sleeping on her bed or sharing the couch with you. Ruby will be cheeky some times and want to share your bed if you let her. Ruby loves to cuddle and be close. 

Ruby is very good with all the dogs she meets. She has excelled at our farmers market stalls, steeling many hearts and cuddles. She is an easy sociable girl you can take anywhere. 

Ruby is an fun loving and confident girl. The distinguished grey highlights on her face are deceptive, she is still a cheeky little pup who just wants to make you laugh and repay her with love…and warm cuddles. 

Ruby would be happy to share her home with another suitable dog or as an only dog in a home where her humans are home more often than not. 

Ruby has been treated for epilepsy after a seizure some years ago. We are currently discussing this treatment with our own vets with a view to taking her off medications as there has been no recurrence for some time. 
Ruby is on a medication that has successfully managed some minor incontience.

No cats or small dogs 
No full time workers unless some working from home or there is another dog 
No children under six

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8 years



Microchip number

956 000 004 267 063

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