Rufus’s happy disposition is contagious. It’s impossible not to share his joy and enthusiasm when his face beams at you and he moves in for that special cuddle. 

In fostercare he has managed to put on a couple of kilos and his lustrous shiny black coat is emerging from underneath that scruffy kennel coat. His rich brown eyes are accentuated by an outline of lighter fur. Together with his beaming smile, it is no wonder strangers stop to say hello. 

Rufus has taken to foster life like a expert. He has mastered floorboards, zooms up and down stairs, is learning some basic commands and has perfect scorecard for toilet training. 

Rufus is still young so a bit more energetic. He loves to play with toys and zoom about the house and yard. He enjoys two 20 to 30 minutes walks each day. He is gentle on the lead and loves to take in all the local attractions. He is quite a sticky-beak, curious about his surrounds. Rufus is happy and friendly with all the humans and dogs he gets to meet. In fact he even wags his tail in delight when he needs that handsome dog looking back at him in the mirror.
Rufus also enjoys his car rides, travelling well and expertly jumping in and out. Not much fazes Rufus when he is out and about. Loud noises, traffic or other distractions are OK…..except lawn mowers. Get me our of here ! That monster is eating the grass !

Rufus gets along very well with his foster sister, an older female grey. They play well together and are great housemates. He will sometimes look to her to show him the lead.
Rufus’s passion is his human family. He loves to love. He will crave your love and cuddles whenever you have a chance but he does understand if you are working and just be content to sleep near you. When you have knocked off work he can have all your attention for games and play and show off with his signature dance moves

To quote Fufus’s foster Mum: “The thing we love most about Rufus is his boundless happiness. He radiates joy constantly and his infectious enthusiasm for life never fails to lift our spirits”

Rufus has recently overdone it a bit with his backyard zoomies and dislocated a toe. He is recovering and will be in a splint./bandage for a couple more weeks. 

Rufus would be happy in a home with humans who have the time to keep his social schedule full with lots of engagement and activity. She would be happy as a family man with children over six. Rufus would appreciate the company of a suitable canine friend but also as an only dog providing his humans are around more often than not. 

No cats
No full time workers unless some working from home or there is another dog
No children under six

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3 years



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