Suzie loves her new life in foster care. She is an endearing playful companion.
Suzie enjoys the comfort of the couch and cuddles with her foster human. She can think of nothing better than binge watch some TV with you. The Simpsons is a favourite.
Suzie gets excited for her walks especially as it is time to spend with you, her human. Usually a 30 minute amble in the morning and a similar walk in the afternoon. She delights in investigating all the smells and is curious about what is going on in the neighbourhood. Suzie is also keen to say hello to all the neighbours she meets. On her visits to the local cafe, Suzie will expect belly rubs from complete strangers.
Suzie loves her car trips, enjoying the adventures. She is happy to wait in the car while you go about your business too.
Suzie is happy to briefly check out other dogs on her walks and then move on. She plays happily with other dogs when she has the chance.
During the day, Suzie is happy to nap most of the time but enjoys some time to engage with her humans and play with her toys. Suzie loves her toys so will need a well stocked toy basket. She will pick out a favourite toy to toss in the air and make sure it lands near her human so he can toss it in the air again.
Suzie can be a little excitable and bouncy so not ideal for a home with little humans to knock over.
Our bubbly and super sweet girl is not a great fan of being home alone for long periods so is looking for a home with another dog or humans who are home more often than not.

No cats or small dogs

No full time workers unless some working from home or there is another dog

No children under six

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4 years



Microchip number

956 000 112 966 745

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