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Pearl & Jasper are a 4 year old sister and brother duo from the same litter who now live with a host of other rescue fur animals (guinea pigs & cats). Pearl was due to race, however, broke her leg and was surrendered to Gumtree Greys. Jasper is an ex-racer who preferred food over racing; he was surrendered several months after Pearl. Beautiful Pearl is sweet, clever and loveable; her favourite thing to do is nap on 'her spot' on the couch. Handsome Jasper is affectionate, goofy and sticks to his human Mum like velcro. He loves any and all plush toys, and playing tug - of - war with his sister.

The loveable Rupert & Polly share an incredible bond. While they didn't grow up together, they are now the best of friends since meeting one another in their foster home. Polly can put a smile on anyone's face when she becomes a gleeful 'spinning grey', as well as loving to play with any toy that sqeaks.  Rupert is his adoptive Mum's shadow, loving to cuddle and chat in bed, bounding after her should she leave the room. These two beauties adore their new home life as much as they are adored by their new family.

The very beautiful Noodle was an ex-racer before being rescued by Gumtree Greys. Her absolute favourite thing is to is to cuddle on the couch or rug.  Noodle also loves walk times and she loves chicken for dinner. Her family describes Noodle as excitable, assertive and incredibly loving.

The incredibly stunning Jack was a racer before being rescued from Gumtree Greys. He loves living life with his favourite activity being going for a drive. His family can't leave the car door open or else Jack will jump straight in.  Coming a close second to car rides for Jack is sleeping on his very own couch. Jack's adoptive family describe him as sweet, chilled and so forgiving.


The stunning Milly and handsome Jake came to Gumtree Greys as ex-racers, with numerous starts for each greyhound. Milly's favourite activity is most certainly sleeping, and she and Jake know exactly where the coolest parts of the house are during the Brisbane Summer. They both have such different personalities. Milly is described by her family as shy, affectionate and sweet whereas Jake is friendly, curious and independent. Both are loving life together.


The exquisite Tiger was rescued by Gumtree Greys as an ex racer. His favourite things to do are going for walks with his adoptive family and canine friend, as well as meeting people and dogs alike. Like all greyhounds, he loves lounging around. Tiger's adoptive family describe him as sociable, laidback and sweet.

Fe is a sassy 11 year old greyhound who was rescued by Gumtree Greys as an ex-racer & breeding girl. She is brimming with personality and has a penchant for the finer things in life; her most prized possession is a beautiful bed throw that is now her most treasured snuggle buddy. Fe loves dinner time, particularly if it is beautifully & lovingly prepared. She makes her adoptive family laugh every single day.

Ralph is an incredibly captivating greyhound who grabs the heart of those he meets; people adore him when he is out and about with his adoptive family. He cherishes his comforts in life - his lounge & his bed in particular, but loves doing zoomies around the backyard just as much. Ralph has a fur brother and sister that he adores. Ralph was due to race but was scratched and consequently rescued by Gumtree Greys. One of his favourite things to do is to lay with his adoptive Mum for big cuddles.

The very regal Reign was advertised on Gumtree as a give away greyhound. Gumtree Greys rescued her and within a few weeks she had found her adoptive home. Reign loves getting out and about and playtime with her soft squeaky toys. Her favourite past time is acting as the greyhound counterpart of Neighbourhood Watch as she sits on her mat on the front patio to keep an eye on what is going on outside. Reign also lives with her best friend, Maddi (another greyhound). Her adoptive family describe this beautiful girl as happy, cheeky and loving.


Gorgeous Roger was rescued by Gumtree Greys as a 6 month old puppy. He, along with his siblings and his Mum were all rescued together once the 2015 enquiry began into QLD racing and it's poor standards. Roger is described by his adoptive family as loyal, a lover of attention and a shadow to his human Mum. He lives with fellow rescue girl, and now best friend, Angel, as well as two cats.

The ever so sweet Angel was rescued by Gumtree Greys as a three year old retired racer. She has been living and loving life in her adoptive home for nearly 2 years. Her adoptive family describe Angel as calm, sweet and placid. Angel lives with two cats and has made a best friend in fellow Gumtree Greys rescue boy, Roger.


Barley was a retired racer who was rescued by Gumtree Greys.  This handsome boy is described by his adoptive family as cuddly, cheerful & loving.  Barley's three favourite things in life are food, cuddles and sleep (in that order). He is a fruit and vegetable thief and is completely obsessed with apples, pears, watermelon, bananas, carrots and everything else he has tried! Barley lives with his best friend, Salt (Gumtree Greys greyhound - See post below). They are the complete opposite of one another and complement each other perfectly. Barley is sooky and snuggly and Salt is silly and sassy. They spend their days happily traveling on trains around Melbourne making friends.

Salt is described as her family as a silly, impish sweetheart who has an incredibly quirky character. She can switch from quiet, sleepy and soft to silly, sassy and delightfully absurd in an instant - for no apparent reason. Excitement mode sees Salty (her adoptive family's nickname for her) bounding about, licking and nuzzling. Her favourite things are walk time and sleeping in the sun or on a long ottoman - known to her family as her 'throne'. Salt was rescued by Gumtree Greys as a retired racer and has just turned 6. Her birthday was shared with her adoptive family and her best friend Barley. It was full of festivities where she will was thoroughly spoilt with cake, presents & cuddles with her forever family.


Tommy was rescued by Gumtree Greys as an ex-racer. He is a playful boy who is so very happy in his forever home. Tommy loves having all of his favourite toys thrown in the air; he then tries to catch them all.  His adoptive family describes him as loving, a huge snuggle-bundle and a clever boy.


Libby and Charlie are nothing short of gorgeous - in nature and in the way that they adore each other. Their adoptive family describe Libby and Charlie as an inseparable and cheeky pair. Their family's lives have been forever changed and they can not imagine life without them.



The charming Spot was rescued by Gumtree Greys as a shy and nervous greyhound. With lots of love and patience, her adoptive owner helped Spot settle into the life of a pet where she shone and became a confident greyhound. Spot demands loving pats and roaches (laying on her back with legs up; the epitome of a happy grehound) all day long.



Charm is nothing short of dazzling. Her adoptive family love anything and everything about greyhounds. Charm's family fell in love with her and her incredibly sweet smiles. She has settled brilliantly into her new home which she shares with her new best friend, Lenny  (also a greyhound) as well as two cats.


The exquisite Wendy is an especially affectionate greyhound. Her favourite past time is showering her adoptive family wich cuddles. Wendy's family have told Gumtree Greys that she brings a lot of joy and laughter into their home with her hilarious and fun nature.



Sunday is the epitome of a greyhound - loving, low maintence and ever so sweet. Sunday's family fell head over heels in love with her and she is very much one of the family. A truly beautiful adoption story.


MEG (now Honey)

This beautiful girl, Honey, was rescued by Gumtree Greys from a trainer. She was listed as 'free to a good home'. Honey now lives in her forever home with her furbrother, a whippet named Wilson. Honey adores her bed - and taking fur-brother Wilson's bed!



Gumtree Greys rescued Handsome Harry from the Pound. It was love at first sight between Harry & his forever Mum. He shares his forever home with furbrother, Casper.  Harry lives life to the fullest and his family can't imagine life without him.




Stunning Pippa was rescued by Gumtree Greys from the pound. She is a beautiful and gentle soul that has touched many lives. Pippa's wonderful forever home is in Canberra where she has a new fursister, Pinot. This beautiful girl is described by her forever family as playful, joyful and spoilt.


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