Greyhounds coming into Foster Care

It takes approximately 30-60 days for the dog to settle, some may take shorter/longer. We then write a profile to indicate they are ready for adoption. Once this is done, we transfer them and their details to the adoption page.

This gives you an opportunity to see our available and upcoming dogs that may work for you and your requirements. We make every effort to find the right dog for the right person.


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2 years 5 months old male

Shadow the rescue greyhound on the Gold Coast


18 month old female

Kitty the rescue greyhound in Brisbane


4 year old female

Pedro te rescue greyhound in Brisbane


3 year old male

Arrow the rescue greyhound in Melbourne


4 year old male

Ollie the rescue greyhound in Brisbane


3 year old male

Ugo the rescue greyhound in Brisbane


5 year old male

Thinking of fostering?

For information on fostering one of our rescues, please visit us at one of our market days.

Come down and chat all things greyhound with one of our friendly volunteers.