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Thousands of greyhounds are destroyed every year in Australia. At Gumtree Greys our mission is to rescue greyhounds, place them into appropriate foster care and ultimately have them adopted into loving, permanent homes. We are forever grateful to our foster carers and for donations – without which we are unable to carry out our rescue work.

Ready For Adoption

Here are all our greyhounds who are currently looking for their forever home.

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Johnny the rescue greyhound in Queensland

Recent Rescues

An opportunity to see our upcoming dogs getting ready for adoption.

How you can help


Contrary to popular belief, these gentle, loving dogs require minimal exercise. Greyhounds make the most wonderful pets for families, couples, singles, the elderly – there is a perfect greyhound for everyone!


Temporary homing or “foster care” offers these beautiful creatures the opportunity of a safe haven, with an introduction into the wonders of a domestic world they have often previously been denied.


At Gumtree Greys we rely solely on donations. The majority of our costs are vet work, medications, kennelling and due to our regional/country area work, transport. All donations are very gratefully received.


We rely solely on donations for vet work, medication, kenneling and transport.
All donations are gratefully received.

Become a volunteer

We like to hear from volunteers with a variety of skills.

Some important volunteer jobs are transporting dogs, and attending our markets stalls and other events to educate the public on greyhounds and greyhound ownership.