Why Foster ?

Foster caring for a greyhound is a crucial part of the rescue process. Without foster carers, we are often unable to rescue dogs from their current situations – which can mean the difference between life and death, particularly if a trainer is not prepared to wait for a home to become available.

Foster caring is a rewarding experience. It just requires a little patience and love for these beautiful, lazy, gentle dogs - together with a desire to help them blossom and find their “forever” homes as pets.

Being a foster parent isn't easy as it can be very difficult to let your foster dog move onto their forever home – but it is also very gratifying knowing that you have helped in the process.

Who can Foster ?

Foster carers can come from a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • people living in apartments, on acreage or in residential homes
  • part-time, casual or full time workers
  • single people or retirees
  • families with children and/or other animals

Common Learning Needs

Often these dogs come from harsh backgrounds and will require time and patience to win them over. Many have only known life in a kennel, so a home is a very strange place and they will look to you for guidance. Each foster dog is different and some may need your help with:

  • toilet training
  • learning to climb up and down stairs
  • learning how to walk on a lead
  • riding in a car
  • understanding how to get along with other pets and children
  • dealing with being left on their own
  • learning not to chew on household items.

We often know very little about the dogs that come into our care and part of the fun with fostering is to learn about the dog, watch the personality unfold and assess them so we can match them to their right home.

How Long ?

Time in foster care varies – it can be as short as a few weeks or as long as few months. Gumtree Greys need foster carers who are happy to re-home their foster dog in readiness for the next one.

Costs ?

When you foster with Gumtree Greys we will cover any veterinary and medical costs but we do, however, ask that our foster homes provide food and bedding. All our carers are covered by our public liability insurance.

Home Checks

Our foster families are home checked in the same way that our prospective adopters are. Ask us today for a Foster Home Check form to see if your property and family suit the needs of a Gumtree Grey.