It is important that if you are taking on the responsibility of fostering a Greyhound, you must be prepared to invest the time in guiding the dog. Often these dogs have come from difficult backgrounds and will require time and patience to win them over. Many have only known life in a kennel, so a home is a very strange place and they will look to you for guidance.

Each foster dog is different; some may need your help with:

  • toilet training
  • learning to climb up and down stairs
  • learning how to walk on a lead
  • riding in a car
  • understanding how to get along with other pets and children
  • dealing with being left on their own
  • learning not to chew on household items.

Often greyhounds do not show their true personalities immediately, especially if they have been in kennels or other foster situations. PLEASE, be patient with the dog. Your foster dog may never have lived in a house before.

Everything will be new and strange. Imagine you have just landed from the moon and seen televisions, vacuum cleaners, glass doors and mirrors for the first time! Stairs are often new for greyhounds, requiring you to gently help them learn to navigate both up and down. Naturally it will take your dog some time to settle down.

Greyhounds can not be expected to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet.

If you are not prepared to invest the time required introducing these gentle dogs into a domestic environment, then we do not recommend fostering Greyhounds. We are available for guidance at all times and are only a phone call away.

Foster carers are covered by our public liability insurance.

We look forward to hearing from your regarding fostering.

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