Foster Carer Profile: Olivia

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Olivia is a foster carer with Gumtree Greys. They previously adopted a greyhound and have fostered with us since March 2022. Not only does Olivia love their foster dogs, they also enjoy learning about other Gumtree Greys fosters and educating the public about the breed and the racing industry.

Olivia previously adopted a rescue greyhound, which helped her become a beloved pet. This process taught Olivia valuable skills in rehabilitating greyhounds. It helped Olivia realise that they wanted to guide other greys on the journey to couch life by becoming a foster carer. Olivia’s favourite part of fostering is “seeing the greys become comfortable enough with you to overcome their fears and gain trust.”

We asked Olivia a few questions about their experience. Here’s an insight into fostering in their own words!

How many dogs have you fostered?

I’ve fostered 3, and I’ve done one emergency overnight foster.

What do you wish you could tell people about fostering?

That it costs you nothing, and you have everything to gain.

Cuddling with Sara (now Pepper)

Tell us about your favourite foster dog.

Oh, how can I pick just one?! Nelly was certifiably adorable. She had a beautiful brindle coat that was soft as clouds. She was also a HUGE kleptomaniac. But Sara (now Pepper) also had a really quirky personality and rivalled Nala the Golden with her “stomps”.

Do you need a lot of space to foster?

No, it’s not necessary. I happen to have a decent sized yard, which is great for the occasional high energy noodle, but many greys are also happy in a chilled out apartment environment with regular walks and play time.

Has your work been supportive of you fostering?

I haven’t worked in several years due to disability. My work as a foster carer has given me a sense of purpose, and a sense of community.

Why is fostering important?

It saves many animals from horrible ends. While we can’t save them all, we can help as many as possible live the lives they should have from the day they were born.

At Gumtree Greys, we’re so lucky to have a dedicated and compassionate community of foster carers who teach rescued greyhounds all about pet life, introducing them to so many wonderful new things. Olivia, like many people, isn’t currently in a position to adopt a dog, but says, “I find fostering extremely rewarding, so I don’t mind. Instead of loving one, I get to love many. It’s given me the skills needed to rehabilitate these dogs and that makes me infinitely happy.”

Gumtree Greys has an experienced team of foster coordinators who support our carers through any teething issues their foster dog may experience as they adjust to pet life. We also provide everything you need to help your new noodle friend settle in, including bedding, toys, a coat and food, and cover all vet costs, so fostering is free and accessible. 

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting with Gumtree Greys, we’d love to hear from you.

Last modified: November 18, 2023