Big. Beautiful. Boofhead… Banksy! 

This gorgeous two and a half year old boy is here to challenge the “couch potato” stereotype. Taking the lead from his kelpie foster sister, he’s an energetic hound who loves a bit of rough and tumble play, and is always up for an adventure, he even swims! A busy and active home would be just the ticket for Banksy, but the cherry on top would be an equally high energy canine playmate, preferably a working breed. 
Banksy has reportedly settled into foster care very well; his carers describe him as a kind natured dog with so much potential. He is eager to please and food motivated, making him a great learning partner, he might even enjoy group training classes like agility to burn off some of those beans. 
Moonlighting as a shadow, this space invader loves a snuggle, and will keep a watchful eye on whatever activities you are engaged in. Chief Bathroom Supervisor, Assistant to Laundry Services, and Snacks and Naps Quality Control Officer are just a few of the esteemed positions within Banksy’s resume. While he does love to be with his people, so long as he has his partner in crime (his kelpie foster sister) he is easy going about spending time home alone without humans. With his outgoing and social nature, he would also make an excellent candidate for visits to doggy daycare where he can make new friends and get out all his zoomies. 

Banksy is the perfect buddy, he plays hard and snoozes even harder, so whether it’s a weekend hike or a movie marathon he’ll be happiest so long as he is by your side. 

No cats or small dogs 
No full time workers unless some working from home or there is another dog 
No children under six

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2 years, 6 months



Microchip number

956 000 006 352 448

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