Noah loves to love. He is the most affectionate and engaging boy who thrives on cuddles and pats.
Our handsome brindle boy with his wonky chocolate ears adores the attention he gets on his walks, enthusiastically greeting his admirers.
Noah has taken to his new life in foster care with delight and enthusiasm. He thrives on the care and affection he deserves. Cuddles, yummy meals, long naps, lovely walks and play time. Then more cuddles please.

Noah walks easy on the lead and loves to greet neighbours asking for a pat. Noah is still excited at meting new dogs on his walks, but always respectful. He is comfortable on busy streets, checking out all the scenery and learning about all the new noises.
Noah has had a great time at our framers market stalls. All the humans are warmly greeted and offered a cuddle. He doesn’t mind them being up close and personal. Noah also loves hanging out with other dogs. 

In the home Noah is a charm. He loves the routine of a morning walk, then breakfast. He understands that when his foster carer goes to work, he will just have the company on his foster brother Toby for the working day. He will contently nap with Toby for the long day, maybe popping into the yard for a pee in the afternoon.
Noah is super excited when his foster carer gets home and loves to zoom the length of the hallway. He then has his afternoon walk when there are more humans to say hello to. 

At home Noah still likes to know what you are up to and will generally want to be in the same room as his human, but if he knows we are settling in for the night he may choose a bed in a quiet place. He sleeps well at night on his own bed and usually waits for his human to stir first in the morning. 

Noah loves toys and will dance playing with them. Soft squeaky toys and balls are favourites. 

Noah adores the car. It’s his happy place. He will easily jump in and out. He settles in for the ride, looking forward to his next adventure. After his adventure be may be reluctant to leave the comfort of the car, preferring to have a cosy nap for a while longer. 

Noah loves to play so a home with a bit of space is ideal. He doesn’t need a huge yard but just enough indoor or outdoor space for his zoomies. Noah hasn’t had the opportunity to be home totally alone as he always has his foster brother with him. He may take some time to adjust to being home alone. He would also be very happy to share a home with another suitable canine friend.
Noah is a bit bouncy so not ideal for a home with small children. 

If you are looking for a goofy boy to love and be loved by, Noah is your hound. He will brighten every day and have a warm cuddle for you whenever you need one. 

No cats or small dogs 
No full time workers unless some working from home or there is another dog 
No children under six

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5 years



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956 000 006 355 047

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