Hold me closer tiny dancer, you’ll be tempted to sing as you watch little Tina twirling her circles in the afternoon sun. This joyful and affectionate bundle is a bouncy bean and loves to entertain you with her kangaroo hops around the house, discovering treasures to play with (even if they may not be toys… Even if they might have been relocated from a bin that has not been secured), and love of giving wet kisses to anything you have within reach, hands, feet, face! 

Tina is a collector, she likes slippers, milk bottles, Hello Fresh bags and boxes, toilet paper and tissues, to name just a few. She has an inquisitive nature and has enjoyed learning all about homes and the exciting things within them, and makes her foster carers smile when she finds something to pick up and take back to her bed for further investigation. One time she even picked up the door mat and dragged it to her bed for safe keeping! Luckily Tina has no issues with trading these treasures, and is learning the boundaries of things that are toys and things that are not actually toys, her forever home will need to ensure they keep a tidy bench as she settles in to remove the temptation of thievery. 

At just 25kgs, Tina takes the stairs like a pro and has no problems leaping into the car, she is calm when left on her own, and she is a wonderful natured and confident girl inside the home – her zoomies can be very enthusiastic though, and occasionally you may need to zip out of her way! For this reason she’d be best in a home without small or elderly humans that she may knock over. 

Other dogs remain a bit of a mystery to Tina, she’s still working out that they’re not as scary as they seem, and she prefers to avoid interactions with them. This can lead to anxiety on her walks, as seeing other dogs becomes very overwhelming and she wants to retreat to the safety of home (she does the same with greyhound guests, initially excited to greet them and then she has to spend a bit of time hiding from them in the bedroom). We will continue to support Tina with her socialisation, and visits to our markets to hang out with the crew will help her make new friends over time, initially though she will need to be an “only dog” in your home. 

Tina would love a patient home who will continue to help her build her confidence, and in turn has so much love and affection to give. 

No cats or small dogs 
No full time workers unless some working from home or there is another dog 
No children under six

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2 years, 3 months



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956 000 011 711 633

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