Red is a very gentle softy. He has a big heart and loves to get his cuddles from his family.
He is a shy boy out in the world. He is a little reserved in meeting new people but when he has learnt to trust you he shines with all the love and joy. He loves a lean and a hug and is always up for more pats. 

In the home, Red is a lovely gentle boy too. He sleeps on his own bed contentedly through the night. He is happy to quietly keep you company while you are at the computer or watching TV. Sometimes he will take himself to a quiet bet to chill by himself too. We still haven’t heard him bark.

Red has adapted to home life well. He is happy sharing his foster home with another male greyhound. They get along quite well and enjoy each other’s company but we feel Red would also be fine as an only dog. 

On his walks, Red quite comfortable and trots at an easy pace. He likes his frequent walks but it doesn’t need to be far as he is happy to head back home where its cosy and quiet. Red is still unsure on meeting new dogs but is happy to sit back and watch, then move on. Red is not too fussed by traffic or other inner city noises

Red loves the car and travels well. He does however appreciate a but-lift to help him in. Its a work in progress. 

Red is your gentle loving companion. He would suit many homes but maybe not one with noisy kids.

Red Likes the quiet life. 

No cats or small dogs
No full time workers unless some working from home or there is another dog.
No children under six

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6 years, 1 month



Microchip number

956 000 009 434 803

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