Pet Care

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What Makes Gumtree Greys an Ethically Funded Rescue

Money can be a tricky topic, but we’re here to tell you all about our funding: where it comes from, how we spend it, and how you can help.

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Dog Body Language: What are Calming Signals?

Ever wished you could speak dog? Learning about canine body language is the next best thing.

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Tag, You’re It!

House Collars for Greyhounds Getting a greyhound can be a big learning curve, but one of the things you might not have imagined having to consider is collars! Specifically, the different types you may need

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Tegan’s fostering journey

Tegan and her soul-hound Andrew Salvador (a foster-to-adopt!) have fostered two greyhounds together… Tell us about your first foster dog? My first foster was an older lady named Minty, she was rescued at 9 years

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