Fonzie is a sweet young boy, his foster Mum is smitten with her baby’s big brown eyes. He is a very smoochy boy that can’t hide his excitement with all the good things in his new life. He is very tactile with his humans, nestling in for a full hug and sharing lots of kisses.

Fonzie was lucky enough to never have to race and thankfully has found a very loving foster home to help him learn to be a cherished family member. Fonzie gets along very well with his foster sibling, an older female greyhound. They keep each other company during the day while their humans are at work. Sometimes he can go to work with his foster Mum in the office. At work he enjoys all the human attention as they give him lots of cuddles and positive performance reviews. Fonzie is happy to settle on he is bed, watching them do all the work. He could be in management.  

Fonzie loves his walks. He walks well on lead and will be happy with two 30 minute walks each day. If he has a yard he will be happy to zoom around but will also be happy in an apartment provided he gets his walks. Fonzie is relaxed with most of the busy street noises and activity on his walks. He may take some time to adjust to very busy areas but is happy as long as there are humans to meet. 
Like most greys, Fonzie loves a road trip. He thinks car trips are and excellent adventure. Fonzie is a joyous loving boy, ready to brighten up his forever loving home. 

No cats or small dogs
No children under six
No full time workers unless working from home so the dog is not home alone for more than 4 hours on a regular basis. Happy consider full time workers if there is another dog.

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3 years



Microchip number

956 000 014 505 305

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